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IoT Architect/ Senior Architect Opening in Bangalore at Mindtree

Role description :


  • Expertise in  IoT platform/ solution architecture & design.

  • Expertise in Azure Cloud Platform PaaS & IaaS.

  • Good on design and implementation using design principle, patterns and best practices.

  • Good on preparing conceptual, technical, deployment etc..

  • Good on IoT Edge related architecture & design.

  • Hands-on for doing required PoC for decision making.

  • Team mentoring and train them for required skillset.

  • Documenting technical artifact related to architecture and design.

  • Good on architecture, design, code reviews and refactoring.

  • Expertise in code engineering tool like static automated unit testing, code analysis, code coverage and automated build and deployment using Azure DevOps.

  • Ability to help team members incase any blockers/ showstopper.

  • Interacting with different stakeholder/ teams.

  • Ability to asses and understand existing platform and suggest incase any architecture / design changes required.


  • Expertise in OPC UA, MQTT, AMQP, Modbus, TCP, HTTPS, etc...

  • MS .NET Framework, ASP .NET, MVC, C#, Web API.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap and ReactJS.

  • Good on MS Azure Cloud Platform PaaS like Stream Analytics.

  • IoT Hub, Evet Hub & Time Series Insight.

  • Azure VMs, App Service Plan, Azure Service Fabrics & AKS.

  • Service Bus, SQL Server, SQL Warehouse, Cassandra.

  • Run Book  & Web Jobs.

  • Azure DevOps, Time Series Insight, Power BI.

  • MS Test, Static Code Analyzer & Code Coverage tools.

  • Azure IoT Edge/ Custom IoT Edge Gateway.

  • MS Visual Studio, VSTS.


12 - 16 Years

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