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Data Science & ML Engineer Job in Bangalore at Antal

Key responsibilities :

● Develop, Test and Deploy scalable AI components for Bright's Smart Banking Platform in Django / Python ● Deriving actionable insights from data through analysis ● Develop Models and Algorithms to forecast cashflows(income, expenses [rent,bills, others], etc), categorise textual data(customer reviews, transactions), understanding full financial life of user(missing accounts identification, cashflow graph), determine creditworthiness for lending(underwriting loans), doing account data inferences(minimum due, amount due, etc), predicting overdrafts, credit card debt management strategy and many such use cases. ● Come up with quick and simple design solutions to implement models and algorithms in production.

Required Skills :

● Strong First Principles Problem Solver ( ● Experience with end to end deployment of Machine Learning models and related web service in production. ● Experience in developing scalable software systems. ● Some previous experience in Python and related web frameworks. ● 2 years of demonstrated software development experience. ● Must have performed data analysis for insights Preferred Skillsets ● Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / Mathematics, or related technical field, or equivalent work experience ● Good knowledge of statistics, machine learning and python, jupyter notebooks ● Strong coding and good understanding of data structures/algorithms ● 1+ years of Django development experience in B2C company ● Experience with CI/CD frameworks ● Deployment experience with AWS, GCP or Azure

What is in it for you?

● You will build the cross-functional skills to one day become a Start-up Founder, building your own company ● You will build advanced skills in A.I. and Finance – trained by Tech founders who have this expertise ● You will build a deep end to end understanding of building a customer focused financial product from scratch. ● You will be able to measure and achieve real impact using AI systems in solving financial problems of users.

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