Data Science Internship in Mumbai at Vision Insight

We are a data and AI company. We specialize in helping customers around data problems. Get the pain, time, and effort out of your data engineering using our proprietary master data management system that uses artificial intelligence to sync data from disparate sources, cleanse, and harmonize data. This also helps ready your data faster in a very efficient manner and at a much lesser cost by saving precious resources - manpower, time, and other cost overheads. In a typical analytics project, this phase is the most vexing one and consumes 80% of all the time and effort spent on one. So go ahead and fire up your analytics implementation with our AI-powered capability!

About the internship

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Work on industry-specific problems with data 2. Understand the data distribution 3. Read research papers on newer AI models and decode the same into code 4. Work on one sample problem and present the findings in a document

Skill(s) required

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

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