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CBIS / CBAM Cloud Engineer Openings in Delhi at Mindtree

Role description :

• In-depth understanding of “Cloud” technologies and ecosystem, Open Stack Architecture and the components

• Excellent knowledge on Data centers, Compute, Storage (CEPH storage) and Networking-DC network virtualization based on SDN controllers and virtual switches

• You need to be an engineering graduate with 5-8 years of experience on cloud technology. Experience in telco cloud (e.g. ETSI MANO, OpenStack, SDN, SRIOV,OVS, DPDK)

• You need to have experience in RedHat OpenStack Platform or Nokia CBIS / CBAM components of Cloud Band is a plus

• You need to have good understanding on Docker and Kubernetes


volte, vnf, cloud, deployment

Other details

  • Have experience deploying the below network elements as either VNF or CNF on CBIS/CBAM/CBND

  • Mainly expertise on –CFX –NTAS -SBC

  • Understand Openstack, CBIS/CBAM, Heat Templates for VNF deployment

  • Understand NSD Work Flows/Helm Charts/Helm Value Files for CNF deployment

  • Understand the vNF’s requirements for artifacts that support instantiation, configuration, security and post-install

  • Work with PM to understand the target release, and delivery schedule

  • Provide a schedule for the CSAR delivery to PM team

  • Work with the Design team to review the design parameters for correctness and completeness

  • Map the design information the appropriate parameters in the vNF’s respective bulk-config files

  • Work with available tools that is used to help generate the bulk config files

  • Work with the PM and License teams to generate the appropriate set of licenses required

  • Identify and use the appropriate MSO template for the given vNF and release required by the customer

  • Work with the MOP team to identify the USI #s required and request them for use with the CSAR

  • Generate the bulk-config files and related supporting files to package in the CSAR

  • Instantiate the system in the Lab environment utilizing Lab specific values for the environment and workarounds

  • Configure the vNF for being able to run the audit tool

  • Configure the audit server server to communicate with the vNF

  • Run the audit tool and correct any errors reported.  May have to report errors with the audit tool to the various teams

  • Package the CSAR for delivery to the customer updating release notes, and any supporting data with the delivery’s README

  • Upload the CSAR and MD5SUM to the customer repository

  • Validate the CSAR was uploaded correctly and was not corrupted

  • Send out a delivery notice to the project team distribution using the notification template

  • Address any NCT / CARES tickets that come in associated with the CSARs delivered

  • Provide support to the MOP team for the related services CSARs.

  • Feedback any steps or corrections required in the MOPs to ensure that the bulk-config matches the design values

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