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Business Data Analyst Job in Mumbai at Phrazor by vPhrase

Requirements :

– Experience: 0-2 years

– Education: Graduation


– Analytical skills. BI skills preferred.

– Microsoft Excel (or any other spreadsheet software)

– Statistics

– Excellent oral and written English language skills

– Characteristics: You must be an independent and self-driven individual. You should have a hunger to learn new things, explore and keep yourself updated all the time.

Key Responsibilities :

– Analyse client data and draw insights

– Configure Phrazor to understand client data and create reports

– Prepare and deliver proof of concept solutions for demos

– Collaborate with product and marketing teams to achieve better results

Benefits :

Being part of a startup that’s turning out to be a game-changer, you will be blessed with:

– A young and energetic workplace where new ideas are always welcome. The crazier, the better.

– Freedom to try new things; failure is not censured.

– Casual dress code

– 5 day work week. Yes, Sat-Sun off

– No over-time, proper work-life balance

– Take-it-when-you-need-it vacation

– Above all, we as a team devote one day every month to volunteer for social causes close to our hearts.

Before Applying Make sure your resume and cover letter are industry ready.

If not then

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