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Analyst Job in Mumbai at Bank of America

Job Description :

Support Syndication of Debt Instruments including Revolvers, Term loan and High Yield Bonds

Responsibilities :

  • Prepare Tear Sheets including detailed debt profile and financials

  • Make Screening Memo, includes company and industry overview, detailed debt profile and financials

  • Help bankers arrive at appropriate pricing by preparing complex Bond/Loan Comps, Credit Agreement Analysis, Covenant Analysis etc.

  • Client pitch material including Liquidity Analysis, Company Profile, Industry Overview

  • Create Confidential Information Memo and Deal Teasers including investment highlights, MD&A, Industry etc.

  • Prepare Leveraged Finance Committee (LFC) Memo for Underwritten Deals including credit considerations

  • Prepare Ratings Agency/Lender Presentation for Deal Team to execute a deal

  • Perform preliminary Sales Force Memo for BAML’s Sales Team to aid it with selling products and issues and generating new clients

  • Prepare Industry-wise (ENP/CNR/TMT) Weekly Market Presentations and Sector Updates to track the current industry trends including weekly update of loans/bonds databases

  • Communicate and interact with team members

Requirements :

  • Education: MBA/CFA

  • Candidates with 6-18 months of relevant experience preferably in Debt Syndications, investment banking, Equity Research, Financial Research etc.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and effective interpersonal skills, MS Office

  • Understanding of databases like Alteryx, Tableau and Dealogic would be desired skillset

  • Strong Finance Knowledge including

  • Understand Global companies’ filings and financials including EMEA GAAP and IFRS

  • Ability to understand and infer various types of Debt’s characteristics (TLA, TLB, Notes, Revolver, Mezz., 2nd Lien, PIK, LC, ABL)

  • Credit Agreement Analysis including Liens, covenants, pricing grid, accordion, LC, bank group, security, ABL (borrowing base, access availability, cash dominion), swingline etc.

  • For Liquidity Analysis project: ability to calculate company’s funds liquidity, FCF, Adj. FFO, Weighted Average Debt Maturity (Duration), Swap to EUR Floating Rate etc.

  • Bond pricing, yield, spread, duration calculations for weekly projects

  • Familiar with company filings and Capital Structure of the company

  • Analyze debt ratios like leverage, FCCR, Capitalization etc.

  • Able to identify investment highlights of client company

  • Good at information gathering and comprehending

  • Ability to understand and portray varied industry groups (CNR, TMT, FIG, GIG etc.)

  • Valuation (debt/equity) techniques

  • Identify comparables and prepare peer analysis

  • Understand CDS spreads, derivatives, Swaps.

Desired skills :

  • Hands on experience with Bloomberg/Dealogic/Factset etc and advance excel

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